East Sparta Council Meetings

Do you have questions, issues, concerns about the village you want answered?  Visit the monthly Council Meetings held on the third Monday of each month.  Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. at 9353 Main Street, SE in the village.  The public is always welcome.

79th Annual Homecoming

79th Annual Homecoming Event List:

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Download the full list here:

The following is the schedule for this year’s homecoming:
Thursday, June 22
4:00 pm Eat Stand Open
6:00 pm Bargain Day Rides open until 10:00 pm. Concessions Open
7:00 pm Announcement of Sparta Little Mr. Prince and Little Miss Princess winners
Call Marguerite at 866-2004 for applications
7:00 pm Bingo Opens (Pavilion)
8:00 pm Yellow Creek
10:00 pm Midway, Eat Stand Closes
10:00 pm Fire Department Raffle
Friday, June 23
4:00 pm Eat Stand Opens
6:00 pm Rides and Concessions Open
5:45 pm Parade Line-Up Begins (Enter Westbrook St.)
7:00 pm Parade – East Sparta Fire Dept.
7:30 pm Presentation of Parade Awards (Bandstand)
Presentation of Persons of the Year/Lifetime Achievement Award
8:00 pm Bingo Opens (Pavilion)
8:15 pm Breaking Point
12:00 Mid Bingo, Midway and Eat Stand Closes
12:00 Mid Fire Department Raffle

Any questions about group participation in the parade, please call the Vicki Ellington at (330)866-5352 or Sarah Dudak at (330)581-4366.
Saturday, June 24
4:00 pm Eat Stand Opens
5:00 pm Bargain Day Ride Prices end
7:00 pm Bingo Opens (Pavilion)
8:00 pm High Risk
10:00 pm Fireworks Display
12:00 Mid Midway, Eat Stand and Bingo Closes
12:00 Mid Fire Department Raffle (including raffles from other organizations)
The above is subject to change
Download the full list here:

Awareness Week Is Here

East Sparta’s annual Awareness Week has begun (April 24) which will benefit our annual homecoming.  This year’s homecoming is scheduled for Thursday-Saturday, June 22-24, 2017.  A door-to-door solicitation will begin April 24 and will help offset homecoming expenses for entertainment and our Saturday night fireworks.  Without the residents of our village helping, the 78th homecoming would not be possible.  More details will be reported.  Thank You!